SSW 系列

Snap SSW product image

载列的图片为产品系列图像, 或与实际部件有异

SSW 系列提供专为汽车, ASIL 相关应用和安全应用而设计的微型微动开关。


  • Vertical detect
  • IP67 sealed
  • Changeover function


  • Safety applications
  • Automotive, ASIL related applications (electrical parking brake, by-wire functions)


  • Contact Rating:

    Silver: 20mA

  • Contact Resistance:

    < 100 milliohms

  • Insulation Resistance:

    > 100 megaohms

  • Dielectric Strength:

    > 250 Vrms

  • Operating Temperature:

    -40°C to 85°C (Silver)

  • Solderability:

    Compatible with lead free reflow process

  • Electrical Life:

    300000 cycles


= 最常见的

Current Rating Circuit Mounting Type Sealing Illumination Switch Function Electrical Life Cycles Voltage Rating - AC Voltage Rating - DC Actuator Type Termination Style Additional Features Operating Force, Torque Release Force Pretravel Differential Travel Overtravel Packaging
20mA DPDT Surface Mount Sealed - IP67 No/None 2N Tape & Reel