Micro D

MDM Jackscrew 系列
Micro-D 连接器 MDM 外螺纹锁

MicroD MDM Jackscrew product image

载列的图片为产品系列图像, 或与实际部件有异


  • Male screw lock for MDM Connectors
  • Flight and Engineering models available
  • With or without backshell application
  • Non-outgassing
  • Order 1 part-numbers per connector


  • Space equipements
  • Satellites harnesses and payloads
  • Launchers
  • Engineering
  • Military and Avionics


  • Torque value:

    0.28Nm min / 0.32 Nm max

  • Temperature range:

    -55°C to 125°C


= 最常见的

Description Quality Level Application
340103207B ESCC certified Without Backshell
340103218B ESCC certified With Backshell
SCREWLOCK FOR BACKSHELL MDM Engineering model With Backshell
MDM-115288-6916-FR022 Engineering model Without Backshell