D*M Combo Savers Contacts 系列
组合保护连接器 D-Sub 触点

DSub D*M Combo Savers Contacts product image

载列的图片为产品系列图像, 或与实际部件有异


  • Power and Coax Contacts for Combo Savers
  • Flight and Engineering models available
  • Non-outgassing


  • Space equipements
  • Test equipments
  • Satellites harnesses and payloads
  • Launchers
  • Engineering
  • Military and Avionics



  • Working Voltage Coax Contacts:

    100 Vrms at sea level - 100 Vrms at 33000m altitude

  • Working Voltage Power Contacts:

    250 Vrms at sea level - 250 Vrms at 33000m altitude

  • Rated current Coax Center Contact:

    7.5 A

  • Rated current Power Contact:

    40.0 A

  • Contact resistance Coax Contacts (rated current):

    7.0 milliohms max

  • Contact resistance Power Contacts (rated current):

    2.0 milliohms max

  • Coax Contacts Frequency Range:

    Up to 1 GHz

  • Coax Contacts VSWR (up to 1 GHz):


  • Coax Contacts RF Insertion Loss at 1 GHz:

    0.2 dB

  • Voltage proof Coax Contacts:

    1000 Vrms

  • temperature range:

    -55°C to 125°C

  • residual magnetism level:

    200 Gamma (NMB)


= 最常见的

Description Quality Level Variant
340104017B ESCC certified Power
340100425B ESCC certified Coax
DM115440-0014-FR022 Engineering Model Power
DM115440-0015-FR022 Engineering Model Coax