C&K 的 DSub 系列连接器可靠, 兼容且高性能, 可帮助客户设计下一代军事、工业、航空航天和太空应用。DSub 系列连接器具有高度可配置性, 可提供各种尺寸和格式, 即使在最恶劣的环境中也能工作, 使其成为卫星、有效载荷和发射器的理想选择。

系列 描述

Space Splice

One way connector for linking 2 wires with removable contacts.
Using D*MA crimpable contact technology
Low residual magnetism
Low residual degassing
High radiation and temperature rsistance (PEEK material)

D*M Standard Density

Compliant to ESA/ESCC3401-001 Specification
Multiple contacts configuration: Solder Cup, 90° bent, Straight PC, Wire-wrap

Available from 9 to 50 ways
Contacts installed in factory

 SMT D-sub connector


Compliant with C&K CS FR053 specification
According to ESA specification
Surface mount termination
Available from 9 to 37 ways
Lightweight connector

D*M High Density

Compliant to ESA/ESCC 3401-001 Specification
Multiple contacts configuration: solder cup, 90° bent and straight PCB contact
Available from 15 to 104 ways
Contacts installed in factory

D*M High Density 104 Contacts
Compliant to ESA/ESCC 3401-001 Specification
Solderable PCB terminations
Available with or without brackets
High density layouts


Compliant to ESA/ESCC 3401-002 and 3401-005 Specifications
Removable contacts technology
Standard and high density available (from 9 to 104 ways)

D-Sub Savers

Compliant to ESA/ESCC 3401-020 and 3401-021 Specifications
Savers for D*MA and D*M connectors
Standard and High density available (all sizes from 9 to 104 ways)

D*M - Coaxial and Power Contacts
Compliant to ESA/ESCC 3401-004 and 3401-040 Specifications
Coaxial contact up to 1GHz
Power Contacts from 10 to 40 A
Solder or crimp
Straight or 90° PCB termination

D*BM Combo Savers
Compliant to ESA/ESCC 3401-040 and 3401-080 Specifications
Savers combo connectors
Removable coaxial contacts
Removable power contacts
Non removable signal contacts
Combination arrangements

D-Sub Lightweight Backshells

- 3401-72 (ESA/ESCC qualified)
- CS FR022 (Engineering Model)

Compliant to ESA/ESCC 3401-072 Specification
Compliant with CS FR022 Specifications
Ultra light weight
Machined aluminium alloy

Fast Locking System
Compliant with ESA/ESCC 3401-085 specification
Reduces the number of D*Sub Screwlock types in inventory
Avoid loosing piece parts during handling
Visual control of the locking effect
Eliminate measuring the torque on each screwlock system
Save time during the Satellites AIT phase

D-Sub accessories
Compliant with ESA/ESCC 3401-022 Specification
Universal Clip, Screwlocks, Backshells, Dust Caps, Cable Clamps
FR165: Refers to the old ESA/ESCC 3405-001 Specification
Filtration 4000 to 12000 pf
Direct filtration included inside the connectors
EPPL listed connector

D-Sub MIL-DTL-24308 Class M
D*MA (Removable crimp contact technology), D*M (Solder bucket) and D*M (90° PCB) termination available
All sizes available (standard and high density)